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August 22, 2008 - Virtual Worlds Management (VWM), the leading media company tracking the virtual worlds industry, has announced the latest findings of its analysis of Youth-oriented virtual worlds. Based on comprehensive research available through VWM's service, there are now over 150 virtual worlds operating or in development with a focus on the youth market (18-and-under). That number is up from just over 100 in April. This does not include products still in stealth mode.  In all there are 95 youth worlds currently live. Another 68 are in concepting, development, or testing phases. That's up from 53 in development in April.

The demographic breakdowns have stayed relatively the same as our April 2008 study. While many worlds target a wide range of demographics (sometime as broad as "5 to 18"), there are clear leaders. Those that overlapped, though, are counted twice, once in each category, which may lead to some discrepancies in comparing to past results.

As in April the tween category (here looked at as 8 to 12) leads with 88 worlds live or in development (up from 62 in April), followed closely by kids worlds (7 and under) with 72 worlds (up from 52 in April) and then teens (13-18 years old) with 60 worlds (up from 44 in April).

Virtual Worlds News has additional analysis and charts here.  View the older April 2008 analysis here.

Virtual Worlds Management Youth Worlds Analysis - Updated August 22, 2008
Worlds with a General Focus on 18-and-under Market
Right column links to a recent article or world web site

  Name  Target Demo  Status  Link to latest news or web site
9 New Disney Worlds Kids and Tweens? Concepting/Development
Action AllStars 6 to 14 Closed Beta
Adventure Rock Kids Live 7 to 10 Girls Development/Launching in September
BaoBao BengBeng Kids Live
BarbieGirls 8 to 15 Live
Beanie Babies 2.0 Kids Live 8 to 12 Live
Bella Sara 5 to 12 Live
BoomBang Kids Live
Bossa Nova Concepts' Robot World Kids? Development Kids Live
C3L3B Digital Teens and Young Adults Development Under 8 Live
Cars Virtual Worlds Kids and Tweens? Development
Cartoon Doll Emporium 6 to 12 Live
CC Metro 13 to 34 Live
Chaotic Kids Live
Chapatiz Tweens Live
Chipuya Town Teens? Live
Chobots Kids? Live
Chuggington 3 to 6 Development/Launch in 2009
Club Penguin 7 to 15 Live 5 to 12 Development/Launching Fall 2008
Club Time Machine 6 to 12 Live
DC Hero Zone Kids and Tweens Developing
Dgamer Kids? Live
DinoKids Kids and Tweens Development
Dinosaur Junction Kids Live
Disney's Bunnytown Preschoolers Live
Dizzywood 8 to 12 Public Beta
Dubit Teens Live
Edusim 5-18 Alpha
Elf Island 8 to 12 Development/Target Launch Early Fall 2008
Emerald Island Kids Public Beta
Empire of Sports Tweens and Teens Public Beta
Fashion Fantasy Game Tween and Teen Girls Live 11 to 18 Development
Freaky Creatures Tweens and Teens Open Beta
Freggers 13+ Public Beta
Frenzoo Teens Closed Beta
Fresbo World Teens+ Live
Fusion Fall Kids and Tweens? Development
Gaia Online 13-18 Live Tween Live
Garden Party World Kids and Tweens Live
GoPets 13-40 Live Kids and Tweens Development
Habbo Hotel 13 to 16 Live
Handipoints 4 to 12 Live
Hello Kitty Online Tweens to 20s Closed Beta
Home Teens and Young Adults Closed Beta Girls 8 to 18 Live
House by MTV 16 to 24 Live
IMVU Teens and Young Adults Public Beta
JumpStart 3 to 10 Development. Aim for Q4 Launch.
Kaimira Kids Concept/Development
Kabillion Kids Live
KetnetKick 6 to 12 Live 7 to 14 Live
Kiwi Heroes Kids and Young Teens In Development
Lego Universe 8 to 12 Development
Littlest Pet Shop Kids Live
Lola's Land Tween Live
LoudCrowd Tweens and Teens Alpha
Madagascar-themed world Kids and Tweens? Concepting/Development
Magi-Nation 2 to 12 Live
MapleStory Tweens+ Live
McDonald's Happy Meal 3.0 Kids Live
Me2 Teens? Live
MechTechs Teens Development
Meez Avg age 18, goes older, though Live
Millsberry Kids Live Tweens and Teens Live
Mini Match Boys 6 to 11 Live
MinyanLand Kids Live
MoiPal Tweens/Teens? Live
Monkey World Youth-oriented Concepting/Development
Moshi Monster Children, but also looking at adults Public Beta Kids Live
MyLife Kids? Development
MyMiniLife Teens? Live
Mystikats Kutties 6 to 13 Live
Mytopia Maybe, teens and young adults Live
NASA's Education World Teens Concepting/Development
Neopets 7 to 14 Live Kids and Tweens? Live
Nicktropolis 9 to 12 Live
Nicotto Town Older teens? Development
novoKing 16-35 Live Pre-teen Development/Target launch in March 2009
OurWorld 11 to 15 Public Beta
Panfu 6 to 12 Live
Papermint Teens and Tweens Live
Pixie Hollow Kids and Tweens? Development
Planet Cazmo 10-16 Live 5+ Development
Poptropica Kids Live
PowerUp Teens Live 
Quest Atlantis 9 to 12 Live
ROCKETON Kids Closed Beta
The Saddle Club Kids? Development
Sea Pals 5 to 12 Live
Second Life Teen Grid Teen Live
Shidonni 4 to 12 Beta
Shining Stars 5 to 12 (skews higher as well) Live
SmallWorlds 11-18+ (plans on launching separate kids world) Open Beta
SocioTown 15 to 35 Live
SpongeBob SquarePants Kids and Tweens Concepting/Development
Stagecoach Island 14+ Live
Star in Me Kids Development
Stardoll 9 to 17 Live
TAATU 10 to 19 Live
Tamagotchi's Tama & Earth Expo kids Live
Tech Deck Live Tweens? Beta 13-17+  (avg age is 22) Live
Timik Teens Live
Toontown 6 to 12  Live
Tootsville 6 to 12 Live
ToppsTown 6 and up Live
Treetures 5 to 12 Live
Tronji 6 to 9 Development
Ty Girlz Tween Live
UB Funkeys 8+ Live
Urbaniacs Tweens and Teens Live
Virtual Congress Teens Concepting/Development
Virtual Family Kingdom Tweens and Teens Closed Beta
VizWoz 11 to 14 Live
vMTV Tweens and Teens Live
vSide 13 to 24 Live
The Warner Zone Kids and Tweens? Developing
WebbliWorld 6 to 10 Live
Webkinz 5 to 8 Live
WebWilds kids Live
WeeWorld 13 to 30 Live
Whirled 13+ Live
Whyville 8 to 15 Live
Willinilli Kids Development
Wisenhimer 7 to 12 Live
Wizard101 Tween Open Beta
WoogiWorld Elementary-age Kids Live
World of Neopia 7 to 14 Development
WowBotz 6 to 13 Development
Xivio Kids Live
ZedCity Teens? Open Beta
Zibbie Zone Kids Live
zOMG! Kids and Tweens? Closed Beta 6 to 12 Live Kids Development
Zwinktopia Tweens and Teens Live

Source:  Virtual Worlds Management

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