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 Virtual Worlds

  Why Attend Virtual Worlds Expo

cVirtual worlds are rapidly being adopted by many companies in many industries. Media, entertainment and advertising companies are using virtual worlds as a way to generate new revenue and further engage audiences. Fortune 1000 businesses are using virtual worlds as a method to collaborate with employees, customers and partners.

Virtual Worlds Expo brings all the major players together in Los Angeles for two days of best practice insights and business networking.

Exclusives for Virtual Worlds Expo registered Attendees

Market Research

Plus all registered attendees receive a copy of Virtual Worlds Markets: Key strategies deployed in 2008 and predictions for 2009. A $350 value, this exclusive report from consultancy K Zero only available to Virtual Worlds Expo attendees examines the key deals, launches and initiatives deployed into the metaverse during 2008 and forecasts key growth areas, potential barriers and overall how the sector will evolve in 2009. [more]

Private Social Network

Virtual Worlds Passport, the social network exclusively for Virtual Worlds Expo attendees, allows you to find people who share your similar interests. Connect with them now you to make your show experience a more profitable one. Virtual Worlds Passport will stay operational so you can stay in touch with attendees and speakers prior to, during and after the show. [more]

Conference Content

Virtual Worlds Hollywood

Virtual Worlds have the ability to bring creators together with passionate fans in an environment that supports rich storytelling and engagement on a level impossible with other forms of entertainment media. Virtual Worlds Hollywood is designed for entertainment industry professionals seeking to understand the opportunities presented by virtual worlds and how to effectively work in virtual worlds tied to entertainment brands. VW Hollywood takes place at Virtual Worlds Expo, Sept. 3-4, 2008 at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Sessions include:
- Virtual Worlds Primer for Entertainment Industry
- Virtual Worlds By The Numbers: A Look at the Market Research
- Bringing Celebrity Brands to Virtual Worlds
- How TV Networks Are Effectively Using Virtual Worlds
- Virtual Worlds and Hollywood Agencies
- Bringing Movies into the Virtual World: a Legal and Business Perspective
- Virtual Worlds: What Producers Need to Know

Virtual Worlds Kids

Virtual Worlds Kids, part of the Virtual Worlds Expo, is designed for the owners of kids brands and provides attendees with the insight necessary to launch, operate and maintain a virtual world for kids and teens in this highly competitive landscape. The track focuses primarily on entertainment worlds, but also addresses the growing popularity of worlds for education. Kids are dominating the worlds landscape with more than 60 youth-oriented worlds currently available and over 40 more coming in short order. Sessions include:
- Evolution of the Toy Industry: The Opportunities of Online Play
- Purse Strings and Piggy Banks: Generating Revenues from Younger Users
- Investing in Virtual Worlds
- Best Practices for Education in Virtual Worlds
- Hot or Not: Generic, Branded and Functional Virtual Goods… Oh My!
- Virtual Worlds in Schools
- Case Study: Bridging the Gap between Digital First Brands and Consumer
  Product Lines

Enterprise Virtual Worlds

Virtual Worlds Expo's (Sept 3-4, 2008 in LA) will include an Enterprise track focused on best practices for large-scale enterprises adopting virtual worlds. Companies are now using virtual worlds to strengthen their communication externally with customers and business partners and internally with employees. Topics in this track range from the general use of virtual worlds in the workplace to specific examples of applications for onboarding, sales training, collaboration and more.  Sessions include:
- Virtual Worlds in the Workplace
- How To Convince The Boss You're Not Off Your Rocker: Getting Buy-In
  For Enterprise Web3D Initiatives
- Virtual Worlds in Healthcare: Real World Benefits
- Virtual-Worlds at Work: Onboarding and Sales Training
- The Future of Virtual Collaboration in the Enterprise
- Case Study: National Guard's Joint Training Directorate's Virtual World
  for Collaboration
Using Virtual Worlds to Streamline and Augment the Film-Making Process

Future of Virtual Worlds

This track focuses on the future of virtual worlds technologies and applications. Topics include interviews and debates with virtual worlds technology and business visionaries, mirror worlds, augmented reality, Web-based worlds, embeddable worlds, and open-source, interoperable virtual worlds. Sessions include:
- Technical Visionaries Discuss and Debate The Future of Virtual
  World Technologies
- CEO Visionaries Panel: Where is the Business Headed Next?
- Mobile Virtual Worlds: Leaving the Personal Computer Behind
- Augmented Reality: Virtual Interfaces to Tangible Spaces
- Virtual Worlds Roadmap
- Web-based Worlds, Embeddable Worlds, and the Web vs Downloadable
  Virtual Worlds
- Open-Source, Interoperable Virtual Worlds





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