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 Virtual Worlds


Virtual Worlds Expo features world-class speakers knowledgeable in all aspects of virtual worlds platforms and implementation. Currently announced speakers include:

John Andrews, Senior VP/Creative Director, Klasky-Csupo
Scott Arpajian, co-founder, Dizzywood
Cathy Arreguin, Instructor in Virtual Worlds for Education, San Diego State University
Waymon Armstrong, President, Engineering & Computer Simulations (ECS)
James Au, Writer, New World Notes and GigaOM
Boas Betzler, Technical Leader for 3D Internet and Virtual Worlds, IBM
Lauren Bigelow, GM and SVP Marketing, WeeWorld Inc.
John Boring, CEO, Accelerate
Justin Bovington, CEO, RiversRunRed
Mic Bowman, Principal Engineer, Intel
Ken Brady, CEO & Cofounder, Genkii
Corey Bridges, Executive Producer, Multiverse
Ron J. Burns, President, ProtonMedia
Yuanzhe (Michael) Cai, Director, Broadband & Gaming, Parks Associates
Chris Carella,Chief Creative Officer, The Electric Sheep Company
Rafhael Cedeno, CTO & Co-Founder, The Multiverse Network, Inc.
Timothy Chang, Principal, Norwest Venture Partners
Tom Churchill, CEO, Earthscape
Justin Clark-Casey, OpenSim Developer, IBM
Victoria Coleman, Vice President, Samsung Electronics
Giff Constable, VP of Products & Strategy, Electric Sheep Company
Kevin Covert, Co-Head of Media & Internet Investment Banking, Montgomery & Co., LLC
Roxanne E. Christ, Partner, Latham & Watkins
Bruce Damer, Executive Director, Contact Consortium - Virtual Worlds Roadmap SIG
Erica Driver, Principal, ThinkBalm
Malik Ducard, VP North American Digital Distribution, Paramount Digital Entertainment
Brian Dunbar, EVP Client Services, Millions of Us
Martin Dunsby, CEO, Vollee
Brenda Elliot, Vice President, Marketing, iToys, maker of Me2
Jared Freedman, President, Code4Software LLC
Adam Frisby, Director, DeepThink (and OpenSim Developer)
Robert Gehorsam, President, Forterra Systems
Barry Gilbert, Vice President, Strategy Analytics
Ben Goertzel, CEO, Novamente LLC
Marc Goodman, Director, Alcatel-Lucent
Anders Gronstedt, President, Gronstedt Group

Peter Haik, CEO & Cofounder, Metaversatility
Neil Harris, Executive Vice President, Simutronics

Lewis Henderson, Senior VP, Head of Digital, William Morris
John Hengeveld, Senior Business Strategist, Intel
Joshua Howard, Senior Vice-President of Online Development/Bella Sara Online, Hidden City Games
Ian Hughes/epredator Metaverse Evangelist, IBM
Teemu Huuhtanen, Executive Vice President, Habbo Business and President, North America
Daniel James, CEO, Three Rings
Dan Jansen, CEO and Co-Founder, Virtual Greats
Barry Joseph, Online Leadership Director, Global Kids, Inc.
Sean Kane, Attorney, Drakeford & Kane LLC
Jeff Kleiser, CEO, Synthespian Studios
Tim Kring, Executive Producer/Creator, Heroes
Raph Koster, President, Metaplace
Jon Landau, Academy Award ® - winning Producer, Lightstorm Entertainment, Inc., Advisor, Multiverse
Demian Lichtenstien, CEO, Equilibrium Entertainment
Daniel Light, Head of Interactive, Picture Production Company
Brad Lineberger, CTO for Icarus Studios
Julie Livingston, Senior Director, Public Relations, Toy Industry Association, Inc.
Kenneth Locker, SVP Digital media, Cookie Jar Entertainment
Christopher Lucas, Vice President and Executive Producer, Showtime
Blair MacIntyre, Associate Professor, School of Interactive Computing, Director, GVU Center Augmented Environments Lab, Georgia Institute of Technology
Ginny McCormick, Interactive Director, Techno Source, maker of Clickables
Keith McCurdy, CEO, Vivaty
Nic Mitham, CEO, K Zero
Peter Mills, Chief Health Officer, Cigna
Rajiv Mody, Vice President of 3d Worlds, MTV Networks Music/Logo Group
Jeremy Monroe, Director of Business Development, North America, Sulake
W. Vito Montone, Chairman & CCO, Neoverse Technologies, Inc.
Claus Nehmzow, VP, Virtual Worlds/Immersive Experiences Practice Group, Method
Greg Nuyens, CEO, Qwaq
Tony O'Driscoll, Fuqua School of Business, Duke University
Mitch Olson, Co-Founder, SmallWorlds

David Orban, Founder & Chief Evangelist, WideTag, Inc.
Jeremy Padawer, Vice President of Entertainment Brand Marketing, JAKKS Pacific
Matt Palmer, Executive Vice President and General Manager, Stardoll
Steve Parkis, Senior Vice President, Disney Online
Arnaldo “AJ” Peralta, Executive Vice President, Icarus Studios
NLTC Greg Pickell, Chief, Training Technologies Branch, Joint Education, Division, NGB J7
Jeffrey Pope, Executive Vice President ngi US, ngi Group Ventures / 3Di
Steve Prentice, VP & Gartner fellow, Gartner
Patti Purcell, Principal, Bel Aire Elementary School, Tiburon, CA
Scott Raney, Partner, Redpoint Ventures
Jonathan Reichental, Director of IT Innovation, PricewaterhouseCoopers
Christian Renaud, CEO, Technology Intelligence Group
Eric Rice, Producer, Slackstreet Studios
Benton Richardson, VP Business Development, Makena Technologies, Inc.
Andrew (Roo) Reynolds, Portfolio Executive for Social Media, BBC Vision
Jeremy Ross, Director of New Product Development, TOKYOPOP
Sean Ryan, CEO, Meez
Stefanie Schwartz, Vice President, Marketing and Operations, Neopets, Nickelodeon
Joey Seiler, Editor, & Virtual Worlds Weekly
Christopher V. Sherman, Founder, Virtual Worlds Management
Tish Shute, Writer/Virtual World Evangelist,
Adrian Si, Interactive Marketing Mgr, Scion
Reuben Steiger, CEO and Founder, Millions of Us
Matt Sterling, Property Sales Director - AIM, Platform A/Time Warner
John Swords, Director of Business Development, The Electric Sheep Company
Laura (Pevehouse) Thomas, Dell, Inc.
Eilif Trondsen, Director, SRI Consulting Business Intelligence
Sibley Verbeck, CEO, The Electric Sheep Company
Mark Wallace, Chief Executive, Wello Horld, Inc.
Debra Aho Williamson, Senior analyst, eMarketer Inc.
Valerie Williamson, VP of Marketing and Business Development, The Electric Sheep Company

Michael Wilson, CEO, Makena Technologies
Ethan Wood,  Industrial Designer: UB Funkeys, Radica
Ginsu Yoon, VP of Business Affairs, Linden Lab

New speakers are announced regularly. 
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