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Ian Hughes/epredator
Metaverse Evangelist


Ian Hughes a.k.a. epredator is an IBM Consulting IT Specialist who has worked on leading edge emerging technologies for the past 18 years, a programmer since he was 14. As a gamer he has seen a massive increase in the capability and design ethics within games and the rise of online gaming. In 1997 Ian started working on all things web, changing his perspective on the technology and the business due the much richer mix of people involved in the web revolution. Graphic Designer, Producers and Programmers all having to work together.

At work he has seen and been part of the Web 2.0 revolution has a top rated blog inside IBM and jointly writes outside. As a digital native his epredator persona spans many places, blogs, Eve Online, WoW, Xbox Live, Twitter, Flickr etc.. He is officially an IBM Metaverse Evangelist having led in band of colleagues into Second Life (as epredator potato) and other virtual worlds for the past 2.5 years with a view to understanding what the social, business and technical implications are of virtual world technology. When this people powered approach is used with a web 2.0 mentality what happens? What makes this work now? How can business benefit behind the corporate firewall from a new set of ways for employees to communicate in a richer way. How can business become involved without killing the spirit? Who are we online? Where are these new metaverse platforms going?



























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