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Marc Goodman


Marc Goodman is a Director at Alcatel-Lucent (ALU) in the North America Marketing Group where he is focusing on forward-looking trends and technologies. He manages the University Innovations Program which partners with universities to develop concept demos of futuristic ultra-high bandwidth applications such as augmented reality and mobile versions of massively multiplayer on-line games (MMOG).

Marc is a subject matter expert on social networking and for the past few years, has been researching social networking applications and how teens and young adults interact with this growing trend of self-expression and communication.

He is also responsible for the creation and on-going management of Alcatel-Lucent’s “island” in the virtual world Second Life, where he launched a highly publicized innovation contest for next generation 4G wireless applications. He has been at ALU for over nine years and has held positions in global marketing, business development, and new offer development.

Past professional experiences include marketing and product strategy at ITW, and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries as well as a couple of entrepreneurial startups. He earned his MBA from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management and graduated from the University of Illinois – Urbana with a BS in Mechanical Engineering.























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