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Boas Betzler
Technical Leader for 3D Internet and Virtual Worlds


Boas Betzler is a Senior Technical Staff Member and the Technical Leader for 3D Internet and Virtual Worlds in the Digital Convergence IBM Emerging Business Opportunity. In this role, Boas is responsible for working with different groups to understand how to leverage Virtual Worlds to improve collaboration within and outside of an organization.

In previous positions, Boas was member of the Systems and Technology Group Software Architecture Board as lead designer for Web Services based Systems Management. Before he was working for the Linux Technology Center and starting the embedded Linux initiative in IBM.

Boas is widely know as the Grandfather of Linux on zSeries. Mid 1998 he started the port of Linux to zSeries in the IBM Development Lab in Boeblingen. His most significant accomplishment was to stand in front of many different groups and individuals and fight for his ideas of bringing Linux on S/390 to the market. Boas was one of the key players who turned the whole company into a new direction.

He joined IBM in 1995 and worked on systems architecture since then.

Boas Betzler studied Computer Science at the Berufsakademie Stuttgart where he graduated with a Bachelors Degree.






































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