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Chris Jacquemin
Endeavor Talent Agency 


Chris Jacquemin joined the Endeavor Talent Agency in 2000 to create a media research division.  Over the past five years, Endeavor has emerged as the clear leader among the agencies in the television business and has become a solid second within the motion picture business.  Jacquemin has built a research practice focused on providing the agency and its clients with an objective understanding of how television and film properties are performing, while also identifying market opportunities as the media landscape and the consumption of entertainment evolves.  Endeavor is the only agency with a full service research practice covering all areas of media.

Among Jacquemin’s innovations within the agency was the creation of a series of research oriented newsletters that provide the clients of the agency with contextualized analyses of television programming, network scheduling strategies and development opportunities.  Key strategic initiatives include early scheduling analysis regarding The O.C., two separate renewal presentations for King of the Hill among numerous other series, and regular predictions related to the network television landscape.  The unit also provides analysis of the motion picture business worldwide, covering box office and home video trends to analysis of feature tracking data. 

In 2006, Jacquemin worked to establish an internal team of agents from each division of the company which now serves as the Endeavor Digital group.  This new division, comprised of twelve members, is responsible for working with the agency’s clients as they innovate in new media, while also identifying talent from new media that can transition across traditional media platforms.  The group is additionally working with and advising platform based and service oriented technology companies.  The practice is particularly unique given its deep integration with Endeavor Marketing and its use of consumer research analyses in determining strategic objectives.

In 2008, Jacquemin put together a select team of agents from the TV, film, talent, voiceover, unscripted and marketing departments to focus on the video game business. The group has developed relationships with all of the publishers and is focused on bringing original game IP to market for its core client base. Areas of focus include the console business, handheld devices, PC games, mobile and casual games.

Just prior to joining Endeavor, Jacquemin was overseeing the primary research group within the entertainment and marketing divisions of the ABC Television Network.  Contributions to the company included oversight of focus groups aimed to determine which series would make it to the schedule, early development cues for new programming and marketing campaign analyses for the branding of the network and its programming.  He worked with the network as it launched Who Wants to Be A Millionaire. 

Earlier in his career, working with CBS Enterprises, Jacquemin oversaw a ten person research team and was responsible for numerous first run and off-network distribution and marketing research presentations for the launches of series that include Everybody Loves Raymond, Martha Stewart Living and the Howard Stern Radio Show for broadcast television stations and basic cable networks.  The team also maintained oversight of the development, launch and maintenance of the web sites for all of their television series.
Jacquemin began his career in the television distribution research group for the Walt Disney Company before moving to Rysher Entertainment, where he built an international research unit focused on television and motion picture distribution and marketing research.

Chris is a contributing member of the Endeavor Foundation, a charitable organization within the agency.





































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